A new olive oil product designed specifically for pets is to be launched in October by a company in Valencia, Spain.

Pets Solutions is seizing on the fact that olive oil is good not only for human health, but that of animals, too.

According to a report in Las Provincias, its new product, Felicitá, is an extra virgin olive oil-based nutritional supplement that also contains vitamins A and E, and omega 3 fatty acids. To be sold in cans, it is intended for consumption by dogs, cats “and ferrets.”

Pets Solutions director Paco Albert said that olive oil’s benefits for these animals included the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer, reduction of problems with shedding, strengthening of claws, and improved digestion.

The project will be complemented by a new social network, Albert added.

According to the pet food website…, olive oil can be safely added to a dog’s diet and its unsaturated fatty acids are good for skin and coat health and also as a treatment for constipation.

“The amount of oil added depends upon the size of your dog, with maximum amounts equaling 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon daily (Allegretti, 2003). The addition of any oil will increase the number of calories your dog is eating, and too much oil can cause diarrhea in dogs.”

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