By Lucy Vivante
Olive Oil Times Contributor | Reporting from Rome

Today, Olive Oil Times, in partnership with NextOpening, a Rome based software developer, introduced the world’s first comprehensive olive oil app for the iPhone. It is available from iTunes for $3.99. The Blackberry and Android versions will be available soon.

Curtis Cord, publisher of Olive Oil Times, says of the app “We are committed to continuously developing new ways to present this fascinating subject and inform our readers.  Olive oil consumers, amateur and professional chefs, and industry insiders will love this new resource, which is essentially a constantly updated
the-world-of-olive-oil-on-your-iphoneand expanding guide to the world of olive oil in a smartly designed interface.”

With the app, you will be able to look up the extra virgin olive oils you’re seeing on the shelf, read descriptions of olive varietals and understand their flavor character- istics, quickly learn which are the international award winners, read expert reviews, look at menu suggestions, find delicious recipes, and access the comments of olive oil experts and enthusiasts.

There’s an engaging history of olive oil from its beginning about 8,000 years ago in the eastern Mediterranean basin.  A dictionary of olive varietals gives information on where they grow and their taste profiles. The production section of the app covers each step along the way, from the washing and leaf removal of the olives, to the centrifugal action, to the filtering. There’s a section entitled Producer Profiles which spotlights growers.

Users will be able to access articles on the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, for which olive oil is the keystone. The app details the criteria used by awards groups and by professional taste panels when tasting olive oil. There’s an index of the world’s most prestigious olive oil competitions, and the award-winners from each so you will have a handy up-to-date guide to the best olive oils in the world. Everyone will find the glossary of tasting terms a useful tool, and it might encourage novices to try their hand at tasting olive oil like a pro. For those who would like to expand their knowledge there are book suggestions and scholastic
programs listed.

the-world-of-olive-oil-on-your-iphoneThe new app integrates with a new platform for people to share their knowledge and insights. Olive Oil Times has created a new Guide to Extra Virgin Olive Oils on the popular social network Foodspotting where individuals can photograph an oil they’re enjoying, give a GPS address so others can find it, describe why it’s so good, and with what other foods it should be paired. It is a place where an amazing, but little known olive oil can gain deserved attention.

The Olive Oil Times app will be frequently updated with new features. One currently being developed will enable you to scan a bar code on a bottle of olive oil to instantly see where it was made, a profile of the producer, the harvest date, tasting points and community feedback.

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