As part of the new “Experiences” feature at Airbnb’s expanding empire, a trio of native Greek foodies have joined forces with the dwelling conglomerate to offer travelers an immersive view of the Greek experience in France.

A Taste of Greece in Paris offers Airbnb guests a culinary excursion that includes a comprehensive tasting of hand-picked delicacies delivered straight from Greece to the gourmet shop, Kilikio, located in the trendy 3rd Arrondissement in Paris.

Nestled between art galleries and boutique clothing shops, Kilikio’s brightly-tiled interior provides a cheerful backdrop to the bustling group of dedicated customers relishing bites of delicious servings provided by the owners.


Gourmet selections including olives, olive oils, meats, breads and honey are carefully picked in collaboration with the shop’s liaison in Greece, Stavros Seretis, who is responsible for communicating with producers and delivering the store’s 160 products, 95 percent of which originate from organic farming.

“Come taste!” invited Solon Costopoulos, the innovative store’s owner. Kilikio’s success may be in large part due to the personalities spearheading its rise.

Chef Kritonas Poulis, a Kilikio partner and food aficionado, is responsible for promoting Greek gastronomy by working closely in the selection process of each fine food item. “Being 100 percent sure of the source is a definite way to guarantee quality of taste,” Poulis told Olive Oil Times.

“We also wanted to provide an opportunity for Greek producers to sell abroad,” he said, as he pointed to a basket full of fresh, hand-picked, wild oregano, just one of the many artisanal treats ornamenting the shop.


Solon Costopoulos and Kriton-Minas Poulis

When asked how the partnership with Airbnb came to be, Poulis replied: “They just found us.” It’s not hard to see why, as Kilikio is such a find.

As one of the only shops to provide such an elaborate variety of unique Greek fare, the owners also happen to be Greek food experts. Part of the three-hour Airbnb experience features Costopoulos detailing the intricacies of each product’s creation and quality selection process.

Following the tasting, travelers are guided to Le Carreau du Temple, home to the first (and allegedly best) Greek burger in Paris, to enjoy lunch. As if that isn’t enough, guests are invited to return to the shop to wash down an assortment of Kilikio snacks with authentic Greek beers.

As lovers of Greek cuisine and promoters of the Greek lifestyle, Costopoulos, Poulis and Seretis are bringing a taste of Greece to the streets of Paris in a very Greek, splashy way.

Kilikio is located at 34 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 in Paris, France.


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