Borges Mediterranean Food Products, one of the largest producers of olive oil in the world, is stepping up its marketing efforts in India with a major advertising campaign. The Spanish multinational has appointed leading ad agency Law & Kenneth to develop a creative campaign to promote olive oil in the growing Indian market.


This is the first time the company has appointed a creative partner to promote its products aggressively in India, where total imports of olive oil grew 60 percent in 2010. There is an increased awareness in India about the numerous health benefits of olive oil. However, this newfound awareness is largely restricted to the upper and middle economic sections of the society in the urban areas. A very large portion of the Indian market is still waiting to be tapped.

The budget for the entire media campaign is estimated to be about $2.7 million — a significant ad spend for olive oil in the Indian market indicating how seriously Borges may be viewing the potential return. The company is aiming at a comprehensive brand-building to gain a leadership position in the domestic olive oil consumer market in India.

Borges plans to push its brand here with a major focus on non-conventional media and some innovative below-the-line (BTL) marketing activities all intended to improve consumer interaction and establish a dialogue around the inherent benefits of olive oil with Indian consumers.

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