IBNA Research, a part of the Indian Business News Agency (IBNA) has released a five-year forecast for the olive oil market in India. The report titled “Indian Olive Oil Market Forecast to 2017” includes the latest data and a detailed analysis of the recent growth patterns of olive oil in India.

In addition to the compilation and analysis of available statistics on the olive oil demand, the report includes information on legislation, import trends, pricing levels and an in-depth analysis of the market share of different players in the olive oil market in India.

The report says that from 2008 to 2012, the olive oil market in India has witnessed significant growth rates. It points to the fact that India does not produce a drop of olive oil, yet the demand for olive oil has shown consistently high growth year in recent years. With the market registering strong annual growth rates of even more than 100 percent in some years, the leading olive oil brands currently selling in the Indian domestic market can expect a bright future, according to the report.

The report is available for purchase for 1,208 euros.

The rising consciousness about health coupled with a strong GDP growth in India over the last few years has led to a new demand for olive oil from a very large Indian middle class population. With an average urban Indian’s growing inclination towards healthy food alternatives, olive oil is well positioned to be a leader in the edible oils category in the country.

The new market research and forecast report will help international olive oil manufacturers and exporters to have a better understanding of the olive oil market in India, the local consumer preferences and affordable price points. The report also provides insights into India’s demographics and macro-economic indicators, including an analysis of various Indian cities that are poised for growth in demand for healthy food products such as olive oil.

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