The chairman of the Turkish Olive Oil Promotion Committee, Kadri Gündeş

Members of Turkish Olive Oil Promotion Committee (ZZTK) took part in the Food Hospitality World, held in Mumbai from January 22 to 24 with the aim of growing Turkey’s market share of the huge market.

The Turkish Consulate General in Mumbai gave high visibility to this participation, posting on its Facebook page pictures of the Turkish delegation in the fair offering presentations on the qualities of Turkish olive oil.

The chairman of the Turkish Olive Oil Promotion Committee, Kadri Gündeş, stressed the high potential of Indian market, adding that Turkey pays great attention to it.

Last year India imported a meager 11,000 tons of olive oil, according to Rajneesh Bhasin, managing director at Borges India and president of the Indian Olive Oil Association and this number may remain flat in 2015, because of high duties on import and the general rise of olive oil prices in international markets.

Indians consume on average less than one teaspoon per year, but the rate is inching upward as more become concerned by the health costs associated with the unhealthy seed oils commonly used in traditional Indian cooking.
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But the unfavorable current situation doesn’t discourage Gündeş who stressed that Turkey’s ambitions in the Indian markets are not short-term. Indeed the sector in Turkey is developing to achieve a goal of producing 650,000 tons of olive oil in 2023, the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

That enormous quantity will need to find new markets to gain a proper value added and the Committee (ZZTK) is looking to India, with its more than 1 billion possible consumers, as an opportunity to increase Turkish exports for the future, starting with this difficult year.

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