LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Interprofessional Olive Oil from Spain have launched a campaign across leading European countries to promote the consumption of olive oil. Funded by the Interprofessional Olive Oil from Spain, the EU and the Spanish Government, the campaign is the biggest promotional campaign for olive oil ever undertaken in the EU.

With a total budget of €16.5 million, the campaign is planned over a period of three years, and will target consumers in Belgium, France, Holland, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Around 25% or €4 million of the total budget allocated by the European Union will be spent in the UK, over the three-year period.

Speaking at a press conference for the launch of the campaign, Teresa Pérez, Director for the Interprofessional Olive Oil from Spain, said, “This is a historic moment. We have launched the most ambitious promotional campaign that has ever been undertaken for olive oil. This has been made possible thanks to the results of a study which shows the great potential for growth in the consumption of olive oil in European markets, given that olive oil is a natural high-quality product that is nutritional and healthy.” Pérez added: “This campaign represents a milestone in the development of consumption of olive oil in these markets.”

In the UK, olive oil is used by half of all households. Although overall the UK have seen an increase in the number of households using olive oil, its use tends to be restricted as a fine cooking ingredient or as a condiment for salads, rather than as a general-purpose oil for the kitchen.

As well as appearing in the consumer press, the olive oil campaign in the UK will also feature a touring bus carrying the campaign’s image, which will distribute information and gifts at different sales points. A website dedicated to olive oil,… will be launched in the coming months.

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