Following this week’s olive forecast released by the Government of Andalusia, COAG-Jaén has made a request to the region’s Ministry of Agriculture that other olive-producing countries in the EU also provide official estimates.

We are the only ones that do things properly and present an official forecast.- Juan Luis Ávila, COAG-Jaén Secretary General

According to COAG-Jaén (Jaén’s Union of Farmers and Ranchers), Spain’s largest olive-producing region, Andalusia, is currently the only one in the EU to provide an official production estimate that is validated by a public administration.

Juan Luis Ávila, COAG-Jaén’s secretary general, said: “We are the only ones that do things properly and present an official forecast that comes from the Government of Andalusia.”

He went on to say, “What we can’t do is continue permitting the rest of the [olive-producing] countries — at a minimum, those in the EU — to continue throwing out vague numbers, always playing with ambiguity and without implementing an official study, which — at all levels — harms Spanish producers.”

COAG-Jaén’s coordinator explained that if others produce official reports as well, then Andalusia won’t be at a disadvantage.

COAG-Jaén said that this request has been made to the minister of agriculture, Carmen Ortiz, who seemed receptive to the idea that this could improve the sector’s situation, without giving way to further ambiguities.

Where this request goes from here and whether it will be taken up formally at a higher level have yet to be announced.

Source: COAG-Jaén

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