Picual olives in Jaén, Spain

European countries including Italy, France and Portugal have historically absorbed high volumes of olive oil from Jaén-based Interóleo. The company produces approximately 55,000 tons each year from 11,000 farmers.

- Interóleo president Esteban Mombian

Now, following a two-year strategy to diversify olive oil export markets, Interóleo has expanded sales in Poland and beyond Europe as increased bulk and bottles sales across its markets.

As numbers of affiliated farmers grow, the company has announced higher sales combined with an increase in exports which have gone up by around 22 percent.


Present in seven of the ten districts of Jaén, with oil produced by 19 cooperative mills and four mills, Interóleo is considered one of the leading olive oil companies in the Andalusian sector.

According to an announcement on its website, Interóleo olive oil exports are now 32.17 percent of the company’s total turnover, compared against 9.91 percent in 2013.

Interóleo president Esteban Mombian said the two-year diversification campaign has paid off.

“We are aware of the importance, for the future of the company, to diversify sales of our product, hence two years of strong focus on the export of olive oil, initially in bulk, and now, after our entry into the Polish market, also in bottles,” he said.

“This is the way we want to go, because we want our best agriculture and nutritional value to have a strong position in emerging markets, where the prices are much higher than on our own territory.”

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