Five statements of objection have been filed at the European Commission regarding a proposed amendment for the ‘Kalamata’ Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), according to sources of the Greek Ministry of Agriculture.

The amendment sought to modify some of the characteristics of the olive oil produced at Kalamata territory like acidity and varieties used, but also about expanding the area where an olive oil can bear the ‘Kalamata’ label to include the whole of Messinia region in southern Peloponnesus.

The amendment application was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on June 26th 2012, with six months for objections to be submitted that ended on Christmas day. After the Greek state has been officially notified of the objections, there will be a new round of public consultation.

Messinia local authorities said that the objections were likely filed from other countries and there was no reason for anxiety. However, caution was needed to secure that the process will end in favor of the Messinia region olive oil producers.

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