Enrico Lupi (left) with Antonio Balenzano of Citta’ dell’Olio.

Re.C.O.Med, the Mediterranean Olive Oil Cities Network, was born in Imperia on the 18th of November 2011 during the first edition of the Mediterranean Diet Forum. It involves 12 founding members – Italy, Albania, Croatia, Greece, Israel, Morocco, Montenegro, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey – while the 13th, Lebanon, was granted membership during the 2nd edition of the Forum, held in Imperia on November 2012.

The 2014 General Assembly was held in Greece on June 20-21, 2014, where 11 countries out of 13 were present. Delegates discussed ongoing projects: amongs these, the official website, recomed.com…, that will include the Mediterranean Food Blog Platform. Another project for discussion is the involvement of social media and bloggers with the launch of a Mediterranean Food Blogger Contest that will run alongside the next Imperia Mediterranean Diet Forum.

A Scientific Committee – which included the Maniatakeion Foundation based in Koroni (named by UNESCO as a Flagship Community of Greece for the Mediterranean Diet) was set up to work on five thematic areas related to the Mediterranean diet. Its final results will be presented during the international EXPO 2015 in Milan, whose main theme is “feeding the Planet.”

The Assembly was also the occasion to vote for the renewal of the network’s presidency for the next two years. Enrico Lupi, chairman of the Italian National Association Città dell’Olio and former RE.C.O.MED chairman, was unanimously re-elected. An entrepreneur, born in Imperia and already holder of several official positions in the Liguria Region, Enrico Lupi is also president at the International Mediterranean Diet Forum, part of the MedDiet strategic project funded by the European Union.

“RE.C.O.MED is a hugely satisfying experience,” Lupi said, “that concerns and involves all the Mediterranean countries and their local administrative offices, in a shared project to promote the Mediterranean olive-growing culture. It is necessary to carefully work on the information and knowledge-sharing of the product and the territory. In the next two years, we will put more focus on the web to get in touch directly with consumers and olive oil enthusiasts from all over the World, who appreciate the healthy food and life-style at the base of the Mediterranean Diet.”

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