Monday May 16th will see the start of the 16th Montoro Olive Tree Trade Fair in Córdoba. The event is seen as an opportunity for those in the olive and olive oil business to show case new technologies, scientific innovations, olive oil culture , consumer trends and marketing.

montoro-olive-tree-fair-to-focus-on-exportsThe event, catering solely for professionals in the industry, boasts a range of activities including tastings, panel discussions, presentations and the opportunity to share information between sectors and establish plans and projects for the future. There are also a range of competitions including the Competition for Innovation and Technology and the International Quality Competition for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This year will be the 25th anniversary of the Olive Tree Trade Fair, which was originally known as the Olive Tree Festival. The initiative was begun by the Club of Cultural Recreation Lligora, and has grown steadily in importance each year on both a national and international scale. President of the fair and mayor of Montoro, Antonio Sanchez Villaverde, commented that the previous year had been a great success, despite concerns that the effect of the economic situation would be seen. He also remarked that is was hoped that this year’s fair would be at least as successful. The 2011 fair saw a total of 156 exhibits from 127 companies, including 50 from Cordoba.

Sanchez Villaverde also suggested that the challenge for the upcoming fair would be to expand exports of not only olive oil, but also processing machinery, and particularly the role Spanish companies play in these fields. Another aspect in focus at this year’s fair will be olive oil appreciation and demand, including the structure of a sector which sees an additional 15 million consumers incorporating olive oil into their diets annually.

The fair alternates annually with Expoliva in Jaén and will run from the 16th to the 19th of May in the Community Heritage Olivarero facilities.

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