The Citoliva Center in Andalusia celebrated the end of its summer program with an open training session earlier this month.

El Centro Tecnológico Andaluz Citoliva — which roughly translates into “Civic Olive Oil Technological Center of Andalusia” — hosted an open training day on September 2. Attendees were invited to see some of the innovative products being developed with olive oil that students have been working on over the summer.

The program, titled EVOO and Pairing, focused on the culinary and scientific workings of olive oil. The facility’s cooking lab is the first of its kind in Spain dedicated exclusively to exploring new uses for Liquid Gold.

According to the general director of the center, the space is a meeting point between science, technology and cuisine, all centered around the pillar of the Mediterranean diet.

Chief taster of Citoliva, Maria Paz Aguilera led a scientific tasting where participants were instructed on the visual, olfactory and taste-based characteristics of different olive oils.

The session concluded with a cooking demonstration by International Cooking with Olive Oil winner Juan Carlos Trujillo, chef at the Canela en Rama restaurant in Linares.

Raquel Costales, a researcher for Citoliva presented some of the new research being performed in the center, focusing on technical solutions to improve presentation and nutrition. in the food industry.

Leading food companies in Spain consult with the center to remain competitive in the industry.

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