Inspite of its numerous benefits, olive oil still needs to be promoted in the world market. Among the organizations who work to promote Turkish olive oil abroad is the Promotional Committee for Olive and Olive Oil ( ZZTK ). It was established in 2007 to promote table olives and olive oil in countries including the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Russia, South Korea, India, the United Kingdom, Romania and China.


The aim of the committee is to increase the efforts directed to the foreign markets, diversify Turkish export markets and implement promotional campaigns for the establishment of the Turkish olive oil brand and image. The group is also aiming to ensure product diversity in accordance with the demands from the world markets and to enhance the market channels while applying a sustainable pricing policy. As for sales within Turkey, the committee carries out promotional activities to develop the domestic market and increase local olive oil consumption.

In 2011, the  committee will be attending five fairs around the world in order to introduce and promote Turkish olive oil. The plan is to present different type of olives from nine regions in Turkey. The first fair that the committee will attend this year is Prodexpo International Exhibition for Food, Beverages and Food Raw Materials which will take place in Moscow, Russia between the 7th and 11th of February. The ZZTK co-chairman of the board Metin Ölken has said that they would like Russians to taste and rate table olives and olive oils from the regions of Edremit, Gemlik, Ayvalık, Akhisar, Aydın, Antakya, Milas, Mut and Nizip in Turkey.

zztk-advancing-turkish-olive-oil-abroadBetween the 1st and 4th of March, during the Foodex Japan, the 36th International Food and Beverage Exhibition in Tokyo, the committee will organize a gala dinner to introduce the dishes made with Turkish olive oil. Mr. Ülken said, “Last November, a major purchase committee from Japan visited us in Turkey. We would like to strenghen our relations and are aiming to capture 25 percent of the Japanese market. We need to work on this issue because of the upcoming excess supply in the domestic market.”

Another food fair that Turkish olive oil will be presented is the IFE11. This international food and drink event in London will take place between the 13th and 16th of March. In this fair, the committee is planning to promote table olives from different regions of Turkey. Between the 8th and 12th of October, the committee will attend Anuga in Cologne, Germany.

And finally, before the year ends, the Committee will go to China to attend the FHC2011 in Shanghai. The fair will be held between the 16th and 18th of November. Mr. Ülken has reminded that in China, the olive oil consumption was around 12,000 tons in 2010 and it’s been expected to reach around 65,000 tons by 2012. Therefore the committee is aiming high for Turkish olive oil to get more of the share in the huge Chinese market.

While these efforts of the ZZTK continues, the committee’s co-chairman Mr. Ülken pointed out the high custom taxes of the European Union and mentioned that their wish for Turkey would be to have similar quotas for imports from Tunisia, Syria and Palestine.

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