After the judgement in June that imposed a fine of €300.000 for unfair business practices regarding its olive oil brands Bertolli, Carapelli and Sasso, Deoleo Italia said it will renew a commitment to quality and higher standards.

We confirm our commitment to work collaboratively and transparently with the Italian authorities.- Deoleo Italia

“We take note of the Italian Antitrust Authority decision that took into consideration the company’s new, upgraded quality standards and processes,” the world’s largest olive oil producer said in a statement. “Moreover, we confirm our commitment to work collaboratively and transparently with the Italian authorities.”

The pledge is now presented on a dedicated website and follows an advertising campaign in leading Italian newspapers, that declared that the maker of Bertolli, Carapelli, Sasso and Carbonell brands wanted to “renew the promise of quality and transparency” to consumers.

Deoleo pointed out that its new management team “is expressly focused on elevating quality and transparency standards, above and beyond global industry standards,” and is concurrently “collaborating with the entire sector to improve the productivity of the Italian Olive Oil industry and Italian brands worldwide.”

It has developed the Quality and Transparency Manifesto that establishes “higher standards” for all of its extra virgin products through six commitment measures:

  • The selection of the best olive oils (anchored in stricter procedures for suppliers’ accreditation)
  • More restrictive physical-chemical parameters than those required under EU law
  • Exclusive blending of 100% extra virgin olive oils
  • Utilization of dark green bottles to help safeguard product quality
  • Improved labels with full details about products
  • Traceability for every bottle of extra-virgin olive oil

The company said the first three measures “refer to product quality and raw material standards already in place in its production plants as of the end of 2015, while the last three measures will be fully implemented for all Deoleo extra virgin olive oil products by the end of 2016.”

The note referred to “independent experts,” which were recently employed by the company to conduct a comprehensive assessment of internal quality processes, in order to ensure the higher standards.

The company said its quality procedures are among the most developed in the olive oil industry and cover the entire product cycle from the selection of raw materials to the products in stores.

Along with its renewed commitment, Deoleo announced the recent appointment of Anna Cane as global quality and development director and Giovanni Sacripante, the former general manager at EXPO Milano 2015, as general manager at Deoleo Italia.

“Quality and consumer trust of our products are what we value most,” the company said. “These measures are the culmination of Deoleo’s unwavering commitment to both the industry and consumers.”

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