Help is on the way for buyers who want to be able to judge the quality of olive oil they purchase. The International Olive Oil School, the UC Davis Olive Center and Leandro Ravetti will be offering an Olive Oil Quality Assurance course to show retailers, restaurants, importers and distributors what they need to know to assure olive oil quality.

The course is intended to demystify olive oil and help buyers protect themselves from olive oil fraud. By taking the class, attendees will be able to “find their way through the sea of olive oil,” promised Dan Flynn, Director of the UC Davis Olive Center.


The five-lesson course will be web-based allowing participants from across the globe to participate without leaving their home or place of business. It will be taught by Leandro Ravetti from Australia’s Boundary Bend and Dan Flynn, Dr. Selena Wang and Sue Langstaff from the UC Davis Olive Center.

Buyers will learn how olive oil quality starts in the orchard and how it is affected at every stage of processing before reaching the consumer. State-of-the-art practices for assuring olive oil quality will be featured, including the importance of freshness in evaluating quality. “Freshness is a handy way to take complex information and boil it down to a simple concept,” said Flynn.

Olive oil tasting, led by chemical and sensory specialists, will give participants the opportunity to sample assorted oils and learn to identify quality differences. Samples, tasting glasses and course materials will be sent to participants in advance of the class.

Other topics covered in the course will answer questions such as:

– how to boost olive oil sales
– why the olive oil market is like the wine market
– how organic and conventional growing methods olives differ
– how politics and institutional factors drive oil grades and standards
– what consumers know about olive oil and what affects their buying decisions

The five, 90-minute lessons will be broadcast live beginning June 16 from California and Australia. Participants will also be able to access the entire recorded course afterwards.

Participants who successfully complete this advanced lesson series will receive an Advanced Course Certificate of Completion from the International Olive Oil School.

Space for the Olive Oil Quality Assurance course is limited. Register online on the International Olive Oil School website.

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