Encouraged by strong numbers in recent years, Chile has asked Andalusia to lend technological and economic support to help expand its emerging olive oil sector and establish a “strategic business alliance” between the two entities.

Sergio Romero Pizarro, the Chilean Ambassador to Spain, represented the South American country in a series of talks with Mayor of Jaén José E. Fernández de Moya and industry representatives. Pizarro used the occasion to invite businesses and entrepreneurs from the Andalusian capital to invest in Chile’s growing sector.

“We need Jaén-based companies’ technology and experience in the area of olive oil production,” said Pizarro.”We are now creating the necessary conditions to produce olives in one of the most arid zones of the country and this requires Jaén’s help.”

Pizarro pointed to the tremendous growth potential for agrobusiness along the Chilean coastline, particularly given its close proximity to Asia.

“We have 4,500 kilometers of land overlooking the Pacific and we want that investment to stay in Chile,” he said.

Moya, along with president of the Chamber of Commerce Luis Carlos García, responded positively, acknowledging the “great opportunities” for Andalusian businesses in Chile, “above all for the enormous employment possibilities.”

Moya encouraged Jaén business owners to educate themselves about the myriad commercial and employment prospects in Chile, adding,”It’s a country that guarantees investment opportunities and is one you can bet on.”

According to data collected by the Chamber of Commerce, Jaén-based companies made over €3.3 million in the Chilean market in 2010. There are currently at least five companies in the Spanish province that trade regularly in Chile, and dozens more have displayed interest in the emerging market.

“We are determined to getting Spain and Europe to look west, to look towards the Americas that love them,” the Chilean Ambassador said.

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