The organization ChileOliva, in conjunction with InnovaChile, has announced it will host a seminar entitled “Calidad del Aceite de Oliva, Procesamiento y Eficiencia” (“Olive Oil Quality, Processing and Efficiency” in English) April 4 at the Hotel Diego de Almagro Rancagua in central Chile.

The seminar will include a series of lectures on the many aspects of extra virgin olive oil production: quality-determining factors, storage procedures, energy efficiency and processing methods, to name a few.

The event will feature expert panelists such as Pablo Canamasas of Australia Boundary Bend; Chile’s Dr. Maria de la Luz Hurtado, who specializes in the different stages of olive oil processing; and Arturo Leiva, president of ChileOliva (open the program in a PDF here).

The seminar has been in the works since ChileOliva launched their Technology Diffusion Program in October 2011. This plan of action was designed to “Boost productivity at both the harvesting and processing levels through the dissemination of knowledge regarding disease control, nutrition and new technologies, all under the umbrella of sustainable development.”

ChileOliva, or the Association of Chilean Olive Oil Producers, is a trade guild comprised of companies directly involved in the production of extra virgin olive oil. Its partners include manufacturers, bottlers, venders and suppliers of raw materials. The group aims to maximize the position Chilean extra virgin olive oil in the international and domestic markets.

InnovaChile is a national organization that provides support to companies, entrepreneurs, universities and research centers, governments and non-profits with the aim of improving innovation across multiple sectors of the economy. In 2010 InnovaChile sponsored the seminar, “Opportunities and Challenges of Olive Agribusiness In The Coquimbo Region.”

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