By Daniel Williams
Olive Oil Times Contributor | Reporting from Barcelona

The government of the Argentinean province of Catamarca, in cooperation with the Ministry of Production and Development, will host this year’s influential Expolivo, a reunion of international industry leaders who will gather to discuss the business and policy of an emerging Argentinean market with great promise for the future.

The project will take place from September 9-12th and is made possible by joint efforts from Argentinean institutions, representatives from academic institutions and universities, and the International Olive Oil Council (IOC), the most significant olive oil intergovernmental organization in the world which discusses sustainable development and pressing policymaking issues for the international olive oil market.

The event is scheduled to begin with a presentation of new olive oil products from around the world, cooking shows, various tastings, guided visits to plantations and innovations in production machinery. After this, for the first time, a conference will be solely dedicated to olive oil and health and led by guest expert lecturer María Isabel Covas from Barcelona’s Institution of Biomedical Investigations.  Covas is set to give 2 seminars on olive oil’s role in cardiovascular health and cancer prevention and other Argentinean experts will also contribute, providing their own research to support Covas’ claims.

Most importantly, the expo will serve a world forum for international business negotiations between olive oil importers from around the world. This year’s Expolivo will aim to reach an international consensus with respect to the Argentinean industry’s development and global positioning. Industry leaders are eager to tap into the budding Argentinean market which is set to become a respected producer of quality olive oil after the implementation of a business plan focused on maintaining an upgraded value chain.

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