“It goes with everything that’s good” — that’s the new slogan aimed at convincing more Brazilians to buy olive oil.

Part of an International Olive Council (IOC) promotion of both olive oil and table olives, it was among the details revealed at the launch this week in São Paulo, the world’s seventh biggest city.

IOC executive director Jean-Louis Barjol and deputy director Ammar Assabah were both at the event, where campaign features highlighted included:

– installation of recipe machines at points of sale so customers can push a button to choose a main ingredient, such as fish, rice or pasta, and receive a recipe using olive oil

– a gourmet van touring major supermarkets in Río de Janeiro and São Paulo giving live cookery demonstrations and tastings

– a recipe competition for culinary school students

– tastings in major supermarkets across Brazil

– dishes made with olive oil featuring on restaurant menus during Olive Week

– opportunities for health specialists, representatives from the gourmet sector, opinion leaders, media professionals, bloggers and others to attend information workshops.

Olive oil imports have grown four percent in Brazil

The campaign will run until the end of next year and is being implemented by Valencia-based agency AGR!.

According to the IOC tender documents, the proposed budget is €1.2 million ($1.6m) and aims include promotion of the health benefits of olive oil and table olives and their adaptability to Brazilian cuisine.

“The campaign presents new interesting business opportunities for olive oil and table olive producing countries while offering Brazilian consumers the chance to learn more and experience the gastronomic versatility of these two products, which are becoming increasingly more popular and highly rated in this huge country,” the IOC said in a press release.

In its latest newsletter, the IOC reported that olive oil imports in Brazil, already one of the world’s biggest olive oil markets, were up four percent for October 2012 to July 2013, compared to the same period the previous season.

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