Pro Olivio, Peru’s primary olive oil advocate body, is making plans to expand and enhance the olive sector in collaboration with the National Council of Science and Technology, according to a recent report. The International Innovation Forum will take place today and tomorrow, September 25th and 26th, in Tacna and will include collaborative discussion between industry experts from Peru, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil.

The predominant objective for the conference is to bridge the gap between production and scientific research in the area through exchanging expertise among participants, according to Pro Olivio. Discussions will be centered on increasing productivity through technology advances, olive oil quality, marketing, and highlighting best agricultural practices to create a sustainable market. Long-term goals will include increasing the volume and variety of olive oil exports.


Tasting panel experts, researchers, growers, production experts, and olive association representatives are expected to speak. Chefs and health experts are not exempt from the conference, as the meeting agenda also plans to acclimate participants to the outstanding health properties of olive oil in both the culinary and medical field.

Pro Olivio is a non-proft organization made up of the country’s olive oil producers. According to their website only 20 percent of Peruvian olive crops are processed for olive oil while the remaining 80 percent are packaged for the table olive market.

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