By Daniel Williams
Olive Oil Times Contributor | Reporting from Barcelona

Five Spanish olive oil companies are embarking on a marketing mission to Dubai that is scheduled to conclude June 11. This international effort is part of a larger plan endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce of Jaén (Spain) which is directing efforts towards the introduction of Spanish olive based products to newly-emerging foreign markets. In addition to waging a publicity campaign in the United Arab Emirates, Spanish companies and reporters are also scheduled to participate in commercial exchanges with the Czech Republic and Poland and host representatives from India and South Korea in the near future.

The five companies set to participate in this cooperative mission are some of Spain’s most significant producers: Olivar de Segura (Puente de Génave), Aceites del Sur-Coosur SA (Vilches), Blocerba SL (de Bailén), Derprosa Film SL, (Alcalá la Real) y Alfareros de Arjonilla S L, (Arjonilla). Together with representatives from the aforementioned companies, officials from Jaén’s Chamber of Commerce will be in attendance. The stated objective of the Dubai trip is to engage in a cross-cultural commercial exchange with like-minded companies looking to develop in the Arab Emirates and the greater Middle East. This is all made possible by organizational efforts from the foreign offices of ACC1Ó and the Catalan Commerce Consortium.

At the conclusion of this international marketing mission the Provincial Delegation of Jaén and the Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Spanish Institute of Foreign Commerce (ICEX), have plans to continue efforts to internationalize Spanish olive oil. Next month, Spanish companies are set to coordinate with agricultural and gastronomic journalists in the Czech Republic and Poland and in November, Spanish companies will meet with buyers and experts from India and South Korea in Spain’s Jaén province. This is all part of a reciprocated effort to maintain commercial engagement between prospective Eastern markets and Spanish olive oil producers needing to internationalize.

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