Since 2014, hotel establishments in Spain have been obligated to present their olive oils in branded, non-refillable bottles.

However, 20 percent of restaurants and bars have failed to meet those regulations, which is why the organization Interprofesional del Aceite de Oliva Español has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of following the rules. The assurance that a product corresponds to the label will only exist by complying with such regulations, the group said, which will secure the authenticity of the oils as well as public trust.

In order to reach the objective, the Interprofesional is betting on three Spanish celebrity promoters: Rossy de Palma, Diego Guerrero and Mikel Iturriaga. Each will appear as the protagonist in video advertisements for the campaign titled ‘Peeerdona’ which is set to address the impertinent act of dismissing the labels, and leaving a very clear message to society: olive oils are a jewel in the Spanish gastronomy we must enjoy and protect. The campaign commercials will deliver the message while wittingly combining information and humor.

The three advertisements will communicate directly to the public through two television networks and in movie theaters throughout Spain. Simultaneously during the entire year channels will be established through social media which will allow contact without intermediaries between young consumers and the celebrity spokespeople.

The campaign is a result of the Interprofesiional’s desire to fix what it sees as a lack of public awareness of the regulations and its applications. For that reason, and in recognition of the anniversary of the Spanish decree 895/2013, the group ordered an opinion poll to conduct a quantitative study concerning the implementation of the measure among consumers and professionals.

From more than the 3,400 interviews conducted during the summer of 2016, 86 percent of consumers and 55 percent of food industry professionals said they were not familiar with the contents of the regulation.

However, the pollsters were able to verify that 80 percent of establishments nevertheless complied with the regulation for bottled oils. The survey also found that 79 percent of hotel managers prefer to serve virgin olive oil in their establishments. The Interprofesional sees the star-filled campaign as the right path toward serving the needs of olive oil consumers.

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