Deoleo has begun a new health pitch in Spain with a spot for its Carbonell brand olive oil that highlights cholesterol control.

The “Thanks Mom for teaching me to eat well” ad capitalizes on the allowed health claim in Europe that “replacing saturated fats in the diet with unsaturated fats contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.”

Subtitles on the spot say in Spanish that a daily serving (14g) of Carbonell 0.4 in substitution of saturated fat provides a significant quantity of oleic acid needed to maintain normal blood levels of cholesterol. Olive oil – 79 percent oleic acid – has a high level of unsaturated fat, it says.

Along with a heart-shaped logo and new bottle shape for the olive oil – the commercial grade comprising a mix of refined olive oil with some virgin olive oil – Deoleo is aiming to differentiate in what is a very mature market with fierce price wars from store brands.

According to Spanish media reports, a survey by Carbonell in February suggested half of all consumers are unaware that olive oil can help control cholesterol, and that the vast majority of consumers learned all they know about cooking from their mother.

The 40-second spot shows people saying “Thanks Mom” for reasons such as “teaching me to look after myself”, “your paellas on Sundays” and “the recipes you taught me”.

The world’s biggest olive oil bottler said in November it saw opportunities to gain value from the health segment and hinted at interest in launching an olive oil with omega 3-DHA, and other oil blends.

US Patent and Trade Mark Office records show last month Deoleo applied to register “1866 Carbonell Olys” featuring a heart-shaped design with a yellow drop on top of a green drop on the left. An application for the same trade mark was made by Deoleo at EU level earlier in February.

Deoleo said last month provisional results showed the value of its sales fell to €809 million last year – down from nearly €829 million in 2012. It said its forecast sales of about €800 million this year assumed factors including increased sales thanks to new products “based on innovation”.

Deoleo says Euromonitor data shows its brands Bertolli and Carbonell are respectively the world’s first and second leading olive oil brands.

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