Diets around the world claim to have the key to success in weight loss. The Zone Diet, South Beach, Atkins and countless others aim to help you shed those unwanted pounds while maintaining a healthy, nutrional diet.

Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera is reporting that there’s a new diet on the market that’s similar to the Zone Diet invented in the U.S. but with a difference: pasta and olive oil are recommended.

The diet Nuova Zona also referred to as the Zona Italiana, uses the same concept as the Zone Diet (40-30-30, the percentage of carbohydrates, protein and fats which one can consume during every meal and snack), only it includes many of the components already built into the traditional Mediterranean Diet.

The Italian version separates carbohydrates, proteins and fats into “building blocks” that are easy for dieters to memorize rather than actually weighing your foods. Each building block differentiates the good carbs (almost all vegetables and fruits with a few exceptions) versus the bad. For pasta lovers, there’s good news.

Contrary to the U.S. version of the Zone diet, Italian nutirionist Gigliola Braga says that including modest amounts of pasta in the diet is important in order to keep your insulin levels in check. Under fat content, reasonable amounts of extra virgin olive oil is also an important component of the diet’s building blocks.

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