A new olive oil based product has recently been patented and is being marketed to hospitals and health centres around Andalusia as a result of a study carried out by a team of nurses at the Health Agency of Alto Guadalquivir in Spain over the past two years.

The study was originally intended to investigate and evaluate the effectiveness of extra virgin olive oil in the prevention of pressure ulcers, a technique that is common in traditional medicine. It was found that the fatty acids present in extra virgin olive oil encourage regeneration of the skin, in addition to increasing its hydration, elasticity and strength.

The oil was also found to reduce skin breakdown and therefore offer protection to areas of skin that were subjected to long periods of friction or pressure, such as is often present in patients who are confined to wheelchairs or bedridden.

The new product, known as Farmoliva Oleicopiel, is a joint venture between the health agency and the olive oil company Potosi 10 S.A, and was approved last February with an Andalusian research patent.

Farmoliva Oleicopiel

The public-private partnership has generated a product that promises effective treatment of pressure ulcers, sold in a unique container that is completely sealed and does not allow the entry of oxygen. This prevents product deterioration and ensures it is as effective on the last use as on the first, and also reduces risk of bacterial contamination.

Another feature that sets the new product apart from others on the market is the spray application, rather than a cream, allowing easier application for nurses or caregivers, even distribution on the skin and quicker absorption.

The price of Farmoliva Oleicopiel is lower than similar products on the market, which are made with hyper-oxygenated fatty acids, making it more accessible to those who require frequent use.

The project was originally funded in 2010 by the Andalusian Ministry of Health, but was expanded into various health and social centres in the province of Córdoba during 2011. The positive results obtained in the study lead to the registration of the patent and the subsequent partnership with Potosi 10 S.A was formed to develop a marketable product based on the findings of the research. The company was selected for its quality products, particular oil characteristics, outstanding laboratory conditions and the fact that it already had an sector dedicated to cosmetics.

The marketing of Farmoliva Oleicopiel is currently underway in Andalusia, with branding and design completed and mass marketing to hospitals and health centres throughout the region currently in progress. The product can be purchased through the company headquarters and in selected Spanish pharmacies.

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