Just in time for California’s olive harvest, Alfa Laval has launched a first of its kind mobile service solution in the state. The trailer delivers parts and service on location to olive oil mills throughout California and adjoining states, at no extra cost to Alfa Laval customers.

A leading global provider of processing equipment for olive oil operations, Alfa Laval machines power many California mills for the washing, crushing, malaxing, extraction, and final clarification of their olive oil.

The mobile service solution concept and trailer were unveiled last week at the “Opening New Doors for Service” ceremony, held at the company’s Sacramento office. Industry leaders from throughout the state attended the ceremony, which was followed by an olive oil tasting and luncheon.

According to Eric Schuppert, communications manager for Alfa Laval USA, the trailer is “in service, and ready to go.”  In fact, it has already traveled to the southern part of the state where it made its first call which, Schuppert said, got positive feedback.


Propelled by the growth of the California olive oil industry and customer input, the mobile service solution fills a definite niche, especially for the many customers who don’t have convenient access to a parts and services facility. “It’s going to take off,” said Schuppert, who expects a lot of calls once harvest arrives. In California, that could be any time now.

The diverse customer base, said Schuppert, is what makes it so exciting and dynamic to service. From the client who just bought a grove, to the rancher, and even the owner of a full scale processing plant, the trailer will provide parts and services at all hours. “It’s all about serving the customer on a 24/7 basis,” he said, which will likely be the case in the weeks ahead.

“We’re fortunate that we’re close to all the customers,” Schuppert said, though he admits the miles between Northern and Southern California are many. As the market continues to get bigger, he said, “we’ll have to increase the scope” to meet the growth in Northern and Southern California, where olive oil activity has picked up. Another trailer is certainly something Alfa Laval will look into, he said.

As it motors from mill to mill, up and down the state, the new trailer is sure to attract attention, and its timely service will impact California’s efforts to produce high quality extra virgin olive oil.

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