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The Olive Oil and Technology Fair, or Olivetech, took place March 3rd-6th in Izmir, Turkey. Organized by IZFAS, a company specialized in fairs including Izmir International Fair, OLIVTECH brought national and international industry together in Izmir, Turkey. With the contribution of the Turkish National Olive and Olive Oil Consortium, OLIVTECH became a platform for the sector of olive and olive oil producers, offering exhibitors and visitors an opportunity to get in contact with sector representatives along with the production technology specialists.

During the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Izmir metropolitan municipality vice president Sırrı Aydoğan made a speech and reminded that the business of olive oil has to come from the heart and can only happen by willingness and passion. He said; “Is it possible not to taste olive oil while you are living in Izmir? We should introduce olive oil to our country first and then work on increasing domestic consumption”.

National Olive and Olive Oil Council president Mustafa Tan also made a speech mentioning with the help of this fair, Turkey became a member of International Olive Council again. He said, “We need legal protections for the sector with 10 million people making money, to develop more and for olive grove areas to be protected as well as the number of 160 million olive trees to grow bigger. Our goal is to raise the domestic consumption of 1.5 liters per person up to 5 liters and to become the second in production after Spain.”

Attending the opening of the event were Izmir deputy Bulent Baratalı, deputy governor Mustafa Aydin, Bornova mayor Kamil Okyay Sındır, CHP Izmir chairman Tacettin Bayır, Izmir Chamber of Commerce chairman Necip Kalkan, Izmir Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Artisans chairman Zekeriya Mutlu, and representatives of other trade associations and industry representatives.

With its 120 participating companies, the fair became a great meeting of the Mediterranean tastes and technology in the beautiful city of Izmir which is like the capital of the Aegean Region, the heart of the olive and olive oil production in Turkey.

The fair included product groups of olives and olive oil of course, bottles, cases and barrels, corks, closures and packaging materials, production technologies, storing units, restaurant and service equipment, organic production, associations, foundations, unions and industry publications.

During the four-day fair, there were professional visitors from Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Jordan, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Tunisia and Ukraine.

Visitors and participants showed a strong interest in the photograph exhibition of Levent Köstem about the Museum of Olive Oil Technology and Urla Zeytineli Village olive oil workshops. Titled “Lost Values” the exhibition gave a different dimension to the fair. On the other hand there was a delicious dimension with the organization of “Festival of Dishes Cooked With Olive Oil” within the scope of the fair. Panels and discussions about olive oil drew attention to the industry’s problems and created a beneficial platform for experts and professionals.

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