Under the heading of “Ecological Olives in Lanzarote” the Insular Agricultural Service (AgroLanzarote) of Lanzarote has launched a campaign to promote the introduction of ecological olive cultivation on the island.
The Canary Islands have a very limited production of olive oil.  On the island of Tenerife 40,000 olive trees have been planted with  some already in production. On Gran Canaria there are over 20,000 olive trees.

Lanzarote is the fourth largest of the Canaria islands and studies conducted by AgroLanzarote, found the climate of the island suitable for the development of organic olive groves with a high productivity. So the department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Hunting of the island Corporation, headed by Francis Fabelo, has launched this campaign open to interested parties in Spain.

For the development of the project AgroLanzarote will distribute olive trees at a price of 2.70 euros each for the minimum of 300 necessary to join this campaign.


According to Francisco Fabelo, “olive trees can be very productive, and can generate profits in the agricultural sector of the island.” Therefore AgroLanzarote is trying to promote this culture and help farmers who venture to try it. The Insular Agricultural Service is hiring technicians experienced in these olive varieties, who can control the plantations until they reach production, with at least three visits per farm per year.

Francisco Fabelo also detailed that the goal of this initiative which is to establish productive farms on the island and encourage collaboration among producers. AgroLanzarote wishes also to promote alternative crops to help diversify the island’s economy, and promote new organic farming.

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