The packaging of a few of Mastro Azienda Agricola’s products — including its extra virgin olive oil — was featured on the popular design blog The Dieline.

Taking inspiration from infographics, Italian design firm, The 6th combined bold text, simple images and an innovative layout to give Mastro’s products a fresh look. The extra virgin olive oil bottle features a pie chart indicating 750 mL out of 1 liter, and its hand-picked harvest method is expressed with an image of a hand holding olives.

Mastro’s previous oil bottles were much darker in appearance. Distracting background gradients took away from the simplicity of the design and from the product within. Mastro’s lineup is made of only organic Italian olive oils.

“We created labels for Mastro Azienda Agricola that describe with info graphics all the things that are commonly left written on the back of the packagings,” The 6th said in a statement.

The 6th boasts a client list that includes Condé Nast, Bic, Canon and eyewear giant Luxottica.

The Dieline was founded in 2007 by Andrew Gibbs, a packaging production artist. What started as a simple catalog of Gibbs’s professional inspiration and admiration turned into a springboard for package design industry insiders. Today, it is the most-visited industry website, and it hosts an annual design competition and conference.

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