An improved version of the ‘My Cosecha,’ app has been released for farm workers managing the daily process of the olive harvest.

Developed by iAvanza studio and completely free, it is not the first app related to the business side of making olive oil but its is unique in its approach.


‘My Cosecha’ covers the whole process for farmers, allowing them to register and track the course of the fruit from the fields to storage, and manage expenses related to every farming field to get the complete picture of the harvest campaign.

The app is available on Google Play for Android devices.

‘Mi Cosecha’ has a cloud integration with additional data and reporting , a multi-platform system which can be used by different users and on multiple devices in a secure and practical way, its developers said. The platform will soon include a Q&A section where olive oil experts will coach and train farmers.

In the words of iAvanza manager, Antonio Serrano:

“You can track campaign deliveries, every field production and yields. The former version was found interesting in the Latin American market, as we were contacted by the Interamerican Institute for the Farming Cooperation to study (the app’s) implementation in the olive oil producing countries of that area.”

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