There’s a new way to get answers to questions about olive oil.

‘Ollie‘ is an app developed by the Olive Oil Times Education Lab to provide information about olive oil wherever it's needed.

Armed with thousands of facts and powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Ollie’s sophisticated natural language processing ability invites users to ask questions on olive oil-related topics while it constantly learns to provide better answers.

How does Ollie do it?

How can I use Ollie?

The bot is currently deployed on the Olive Oil Times website, Facebook Messenger, Telegram Messenger, Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana, via text message to +1(415)997-5600 and at with additional channels in development.




How can I help?

You can help teach Ollie simply by asking questions. If Ollie doesn't have the answer, the bot will learn from your question and be ready the next time it is asked. So far, more than 97% of questions about olive oil are answered, but Ollie wants to answer them all. 

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