Golden Bless America

Just to the left of the Adult Depot in a Calgary strip center, Gus Kolias runs Golden Bless America distributing Greek olive oil and fulfilling the dream of his cousin Theo.

The Story of Golden Bless Olive Oil (So Far)

Theodoros was constantly asking me to help him to bring his oil to America. I tried to avoid him but when he started showing up my hangout - Jack’s Taverna, he took advantage of me at my weakest moments.
Special Report

In Memory of Marco Mugelli

Gianni Stefanini remembers Marco Mugelli, his friend and teacher.

Seeing Green: Harvesting a New Love for EVOO in Tuscany

Was it the mix of olive varieties? The careful pruning, the coastal Tuscan environment, the organic practices? I’d say all of the above, and the fact that those olives were harvested by some very happy hands.
Olive Oil Times Special

Accidental Olive Farmers

John Dunn left a high-pressure sales job to run a business with an old friend renting villas on Crete. Life changed again when they unwittingly struck oil among the olive groves.

Essay: First Harvest

Years ago a local farmer laughed when he saw our lines of bonsai olive trees. ‘You’re mad planting in this drought,’ he said. I wish he were here now to see this.