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Olive Oil Infused Gimlet

Gin (or vodka) and lime make up the heart of this classic cocktail, while a robust extra virgin olive oil adds an interesting layer of spice!
Olive Oil Infused Gimlet
Olive Oil Infused Gimlet
By Christina Mercado
Oct. 9, 2020 12:47 UTC

Bright, refresh­ing, and tart — the gim­let is a clas­sic cock­tail that dates back to the 19th cen­tury. What began as a sim­ple com­bi­na­tion of gin and sweet­ened lime juice to help sailors com­bat scurvy, is now a favored cock­tail all over the globe! In this adap­ta­tion of the clas­sic, the gin (or vodka) and lime con­tinue to make up the heart of the cock­tail while robust olive oils add an inter­est­ing layer of spice!


Olive Oil Infused Gimlet

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A clas­sic gin gim­let is equal parts gin or vodka and sweet­ened lime juice, shaken and served up.

This Mediterranean twist on the gim­let infuses the rich notes of a robust olive oil into the botan­i­cal gin adding a sec­ond layer of fruity fla­vors and aro­mas to the base spirit. The result­ing cock­tail is tart, refresh­ing and full of com­plex fla­vor. Once infused, the gin or vodka will keep for months in your fridge to con­tinue to make deli­cious cock­tails.


  • EVOO infused gin or vodka
  • 12ozgin or vodka

  • 1ozextra vir­gin olive oil

  • Sumac Simple Syrup
  • 8ozsugar

  • 6ozwater

  • 1 1/2tspground sumac

  • Gimlet (per each cock­tail)
  • 2ozEVOO-infused gin

  • 3/4ozlime juice, fresh

  • 1/4ozsumac syrup

  • 5dropsextra vir­gin olive oil


  • EVOO-infused gin
  • In a freezer-safe con­tainer, mix gin or vodka and olive oil. Seal and shake for 30 sec­onds. Freeze for 1 hour, until olive oil is solid.
  • Remove from freezer and quickly strain gin from the frozen olive oil before it thaws. Set aside and dis­card olive oil.
  • Sumac Syrup
  • Add sugar, water and sumac to a pot and bring to a boil.
  • Reduce to a sim­mer and cook for 15 min­utes. Remove from heat, strain, and cool. Keep refrig­er­ated in an air­tight con­tainer until use.
  • EVOO Gimlet
  • Add EVOO-infused gin or vodka, lime juice and sumac syrup to a shake with ice. Shake for 20 sec­onds.
  • Strain into a chilled coupe, or pour over ice into a rocks glass.
  • Finish with the 5 drops of evoo placed on top to serve.


  • Try recipe a robust olive oil such as an Hojiblanca with strong herbal and spice notes!
  • A gin with sim­i­lar herbal notes to the olive oil used makes a great pair­ing.

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