Table Mountain from signal hill in Cape Town

Cape Town is South Africa’s legislative capital, but from 7 to 11 September, the city will be an extra virgin olive oil capital as it will host the second edition of Sol d’Oro Southern Hemisphere international competition.

While the Northern Hemisphere’s competition is traditionally hosted in Verona in February, the Southern Hemisphere’s is itinerant and the different editions are held on a rotating basis in olive oil producing countries south of the Equator.

In 2014 — the first year in which Veronafiere decided to split the competition to let oils from each producing country be valued at their best — Santiago, Chile hosted the competition.

Now it will Cape Town’s turn to receive the best extra virgin olive oils produced in the Equatorial zone, where the season is inverted compared to the Mediterranean area and the harvesting time begins in Spring instead of Autumn. Besides South Africa and Chile, other Southern Hemisphere producers includes Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Australia and New Zealand. Last year there were 71 samples participating in the contest, according to the organizers.

Veronafiere decided to keep the same panel leader and technical manager for its two competitions, Marino Giorgetti.

“After the marvellous first edition of Sol d’Oro Southern Hemisphere in Santiago, Chile last year, this year the event travels to another continent and sets foot on the coast of Cape Town, South Africa,” Giorgetti said. “The event is held in high regard in view of its stringent selection criteria.”

This year’s winners will join the huge Sol&Agrifood 2016 event in Verona, scheduled on April 10-13, where visitors and international buyers will have the chance to taste them.
Last year, the event drew around 64,000 professionals and traders, organizers said, adding that 15,000 visitors hailed from more than 80 different countries.

Information and registration details can be found at the Sol Agrifood website.

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