Italy nearly swept the Sol d'Oro awards winning 14 out of 15 medals, while Spain took home just one.

The results of the 13th edition of the Sol d’Oro North Hemisphere 2015 competition have been revealed and Italy nearly swept the awards winning 14 out of 15 medals, while Spain took home just one, along with 19 “Grand Mentions.” Portugal and Croatia gained one Grand Mention each.

The international panel led by Marino Giorgetti tasted 238 samples from seven countries — as many as in 2014 when 80 entering oils from Chile were included. This year the organizers decided to split the competition into two different ones.

Competing in the competition were 167 entries from italy, 55 from Spain, 7 from Greece, 5 from Portugal, 3 each from Croatia and Germany and 1 each from Slovenia and Turkey.

The results seem to confirm the characterization “little but good” for Italy’s 2014/15 production season. Italian and Spain suffered severe losses to crops this year, but the oils that were produced seem to be of good quality.

“We feared a subdued year considering the hard harvesting time marked out by particularly adverse weather,” Giorgetti said, “but we had to change our mind, indeed. The huge number of submitted samples also shows the producers’ great self-assessment ability. The quality level of organic extra virgin olive oils was particularly striking, since this category usually is more at risk when it has to face hard weather conditions.”

Among Italian competitors, Abruzzo dominated the top classification, followed by Sicily, while Umbria won for the first time with a Bronze Medal to Frantoio Gaudenzi.

The most surprising result of this year competition, though, came from the small Sicilian village of Buccheri, in the inner province of Syracuse — and in the very heart of the Tonda Iblea country — which took home 3 out of 5 Gold Medals for Agrestis, Terraliva and La Tonda brands.

Veronafiere, the competition’s main organizer, made the awarded oils available for a tasting by the press while the general public will be able to taste and compare them, together with those of the Sol d’Oro South Hemisphere 2014, on the occasion of the Sol&Agrifood 2015 event to be held in Verona from 22 to 25 March.


Light Fruity:

Sol d’Oro – Azienda Agricola Pietrabianca, Casalvelino – Campania
Sol d’Argento – Frantoio della Valle, Prezza – Abruzzo
Sol di Bronzo – Azienda Agricola La Selvotta, Vasto – Abruzzo

Medium Fruity:

Sol d’Oro – Azienda Agricola La Tonda, Buccheri – Sicily
Sol d’Argento – Azienda Agricola Paolo Bonomelli, Torri del Benaco – Veneto
Sol di Bronzo – Soc. Agricola Fonte di Foiano, Castagneto Carducci – Tuscany

Intense Fruity:

Sol d’Oro – Azienda Agricola Terraliva, Siracusa – Sicily
Sol d’Argento – Frantoio Franci, Montenero d’Orcia – Tuscany
Sol di Bronzo – Frantoio Gaudenzi, Trevi – Umbria


Sol d’Oro – Finca La Reja s.l., Bobadilla (Malaga) – Spain
Sol d’Argento – Agraria Riva del Garda, Riva del Garda – Trentino Alto Adige
Sol di Bronzo – Azienda Agricola Tommaso Masciantonio, Casoli – Abruzzo

Single Variety:

Sol d’Oro – Società Agrestis, Buccheri – Sicily
Sol d’Argento – Società Agricola OlioCRU, Arco – Trentino Alto Adige
Sol di Bronzo – Frantoio Hermes by Di Mercurio Claudio, Penne – Abruzzo

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