For the second year, in the ancient Roman forum, Lucca hosted Extra Lucca Summer Edition, a spinoff of Extra Lucca, the annual event dedicated to high-quality extra virgin olive oils.

Since July 1, every day until the sun goes down, 24 Italian manufacturers have exhibited the quality and variety of cultivars throughout Italy, from Casaliva to Frantoio, from Rotondella campana to Gentile di Chieti, from Coratina to Ottobratica, while 12 experts of the Maestrod’olio Academy introduced audiences, novices and experts, to olive oil tasting with two daily presentations in Italian and English.


“We want to emphasize the true and genuine quality EVOOs rewarded with the Crowns of Maestrod’olio in our guide Terred’Olio 2016, in combination with some typical excellences of the region,” said Fausto Borella, president of the Maestrod’olio Academy and creator of the event.

“Many countrymen and foreign tourists still fail to recognize the difference between a faulty olive oil, that will inevitably wreck food, and a great extra virgin olive oil, which is beneficial to health and fundamental to exalt the good cuisine.”


Fausto Borella

The Maestrod’olio Academy’s mission is to reveal the countless benefits of high-quality extra virgin olive oils. With that aim, they harnessed the local agri-food industry that joined the event: the Cremeria Opera, with its EVOO ice cream, the Marovelli cheese factory from San Romano Garfagnana, and La Dispensa di Caino, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant from Montemerano; wines and rosé sparkling wines; beer by the craft brewery Birroir, and the official water Acqua Silva.

In line with promoting healthy habits, a fitness area was dedicated to gym classes, while Giacomo Puccini’s notes resound through the vaults of the gallery thanks to the Association Puccini chaired by the Maestro Andrea Colombini.

“The event, after three weeks, gave me great satisfaction,” said Fausto Borella. “It is priceless to see the expression on the faces of hundreds of tourists arrived in the city, after the tasting of excellent extra virgin olive oils present at ExtraLucca Summer Edition. About 5,000 men, women, and children have been pleasantly surprised by great aromas and flavors. And in a few days, I will have added a new piece to the mosaic that is my mission: to communicate quality extra virgin olive oil.”

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