Medmag, Tunisia organized a first international olive and olive oil exhibition in Sousse, Tunisia from February 20 to February 23.

The organizer, Samir Ghani, said that the aim of the exhibition was to highlight and promote the quality of Tunisian olive oil internationally.

Besides olive oil from Tunisia, olive oil representatives, a total of 60, came from Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Italy, France, Turkey and Greece. Also on display were different laboratory equipment used for analyses and production from the picking of olives to storage.

According to Chokri Chouikh, director of the International Fair, this first meeting will help develop a commercial dialogue between producers and suppliers as well as an exchange of technology among the representatives.

The exhibition was organized with the collaboration of the Laboratoire de Nutrition (Faculté de Médecine à Monastir), l’Institut de l’Olivier, le Conseil Oléicole International, l’Office National de l’Huile, l’Agence de Promotion des Investissements Agricoles, l’Institut de Recherches pour le Développement et l’Institut Supérieur de la Biotechnologie et le Centre de la Biotechnologie, at Sfax.

A scientific symposium was organized in Monastier, Tunisia at the same time with the theme ‘modern techniques in olive and olive oil production.’

At the end on of the symposium, a competition to choose the best varieties of olive oil among 12 Tunisian producers was held, as well as a workshop for Tunisians on the sensory evaluation of olive oil.

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