As a part of the High Business School of Sfax initiative, six Tunisian olive oil producers have participated in the 5th Swiss Local Food Competition, which combines around 1,000 products and is visited by more than 15,000 people. Tunisia won three medals in the contest; a gold, silver and bronze. The gold was won by Huilerie Moderne de Tunisie and its owner, Slim Fendri.

This participation — the first of its kind among Tunisian olive oil producers — was a component of an ongoing project called “Promotion of Tunisian Olive Oil” between the High Business School of Sfax and Swiss High Management School of Neuchâtel. The cooperation program is based on a partnership between the leading research institutions in each country and professionals belonging to the olive oil sector.

“Olive oil production is one of the core activities of the Tunisian food industry, and it reaches a large number of stakeholders at all levels. By supporting this participation, we aim at giving more visibility to the Tunisian olive oil at the international level. Our innovative cooperation program is based on the partnership between academic institutions and producers to provide marketing assistance,” said Dr. Rahma Khlif, the project coordinator.

“We work closely with The Tunisian High Business School of Sfax on the olive oil sector. This cooperation seems to be profitable to our partners in the private sector. The participation of Tunisian olive oil producers in the Swiss Local Food Competition and their success could be considered as an important step in making this product well-known and more accessible in the Swiss market,” said Dr. Lamia Ben Hmida from Swiss High Management School of Neuchâtel.

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