Part of last year’s OliOliva event

This year edition of the Mediterranean Diet Forum – the international meeting about Dieta Mediterranea as both a healthy life style and an important cultural heritage for Mediterranean countries – will take place from 15 to 17 November in Imperia, the main city of Ponente Ligure, a beautiful coastal area also known as “the coast of the setting sun.”

Last year’s major goals were the establishment of ReCoMed – the Mediterranean Oil Cities Network – linking 15 olive oil-producing countries facing the Mediterranean Sea, and the launch of an effort to include the “olive-growing landscape” on the list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

This year, the forum aims to analyze and discuss what has been done – and what still needs to be done – to promote and enhance the Mediterannean Diet as a nutritional and cultural pattern to be spread throughout the world.

The program intends to identify the Diet as an essential ethnic, anthropological and economic asset for Liguria and for all the Mediterranean coastal areas, involving the 15 countries adhering to ReCoMed in addition to Italy: Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Morocco, France, Spain, Portugal, Lebanon, Tunisia and Algeria.

Olive-growing and olive oil production is, of course, a staple of Mediterranean Diet, and it will hold a special place in the forum agenda.

On Thursday 15 November the main focus will be on Progetto Giovani, dedicated to young people, including a conference with students and local school institutions, and the presentation of the 2013 Bimboil edition, a school contest about food and nutrition education.

On Friday 16, CUEIM University Consortium will present the project “Disciplinary code for the Mediterranean Diet label use as a UNESCO Heritage ,” while Saturday 17 will be dedicated to farmers and growers. On Saturday will also be held the award ceremony for the “Best Oliveyard” competition.

On the same days of the forum, an olive oil fair and marketplace called OliOliva, (16-18 November) will take place in Oneglia, the historical district and harbor of Imperia.

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