Travel Notes: Magnificent Siurana

Priorat is what I can only describe as the most visually intense part of Siurana, and here I must try to curb my hyperbole. I doubt I will succeed.

Severe Winter Damages San Juan Olive Plantations

The cold weather in San Juan, Argentina over the past weeks is similar to 2007 when nearly 70 percent of the province's olive groves were lost due to the drop in temperature.
Special Report

Call of the Wild

If you don't mind an afternoon on a ladder getting twigs in your hair, these places will press your little harvest and send you home with a bottle of pick-your-own extra virgin olive oil.

Arbequina Country

In the crisp mountain air, wild herbs flourish in the valleys and hillsides around Siurana. With a buttery, slightly nutty flavor and a mild peppercorn finish, Arbequina olive oil is an indulgent treat.