EVOO Meets Art at Frieze Masters

Frieze Masters will host a 'Culture of Italian Olive Oil' event, featuring Italian producers who are passionate about art and agriculture in equal measure.

Michelangelo’s Villa for Sale, Olive Mill Included

The villa that once belonged to Michelangelo, which includes an almost 1,000-year-old olive press and millstone, is going for about $8.4 million.
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‘El Olivo’ Depicts the Bond Between a Spanish Family and Their Olive Tree

When a 2,000-year old tree is uprooted and taken to Germany, a young woman fights to get it back to help save her grandfather.

On the Eroticism of Olive Oil

Like a forbidden fruit, the olive will be the center of attention in Italian artist’s Valerio Marini’s latest exhibition, appropriately titled “Erotic Oil.”
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Young Artist Pounds Olives to Paint Pictures

Olives are used as a paintbrush by Areej Lawen, a young Palestinian artist from Nazareth, to paint her art works over a piece of cloth.

Catalan Craftsman Breathes New Life into Old Olive Tree Wood

“You need to adapt to what’s in front of you.” That’s not Josep Gasol Pujol’s philosophy for life, but for working with olive tree wood.
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An Open-Air Workshop of Sustainability

Let’s start thinking of an olive grove as a place where it is possible to practice and experience outdoor environmental education.

For Van Gogh, Olive Trees ‘Too Beautiful to Dare Paint’

Olive trees have provided not just a source of nourishment for the body but a source of inspiration for the soul.