Catamarca Unveils New Research Facility for Olive Oil Production

"Producers will gain access to technical assistance in the field and at the pilot plant with the aim of improving the quality of their products." - Flavio Fama, National University of Catamarca

Argentina’s Olive Oil Industry Continues to Face Challenges

The situation has only gotten bleaker for Argentina’s flailing olive oil industry, which finds itself in a financial predicament driven by stagnant prices and rising production costs.
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Argentina President Promises Aid for Troubled Olive Oil Industry

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has pledged federal government help to Argentina's battered olive oil industry following layoffs in the Catamarca region.

Local Olive Oil Crisis Underscores Argentina’s Bigger Problems

Pomán has demanded that the Catamarca Government move to counter a crisis in the local olive oil industry that has led to fifty layoffs in the past two weeks