Clara Aguilera

Andalusia Announces Working Group on Olive Oil Quality Standards

Andalusia’s Minister of Agriculture and Fishing, Clara Aguilera asks the Environment Minister Miguel Arias Cañete to urge Brussels to activate private storage aid.

Olive Oil Industry Groups Reject Proposals for CAP Reform

Proposals include limiting the subsidies large farms can receive, and allocating a fixed amount per hectare rather than according to the production history -- a change that would see France and Spain lose the most, according to reports.
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Andalusia Pledges €40M for Producers, Rules Out More Origin Designations

The Andalusian regional government has allocated 40 million euros ($56.6m) to provide short-term loans so its olive oil producers can avoid selling at a loss.

Aguilera: Use Origins to Inform Consumers, Lift Prices

The regional government says that differentiation via denominations of origin, would help consumers make informed choices in the supermarket.
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Minister Aguilera Announces Plan for Olive Oil Market Restructuring

The agriculture and fisheries minister said "we need to look outside of Spain because we’re witnessing growth of olive oil production in other Mediterranean countries that are going to compete with Andalusia.”

European Commission Rejects Private Storage of Olive Oil

The European Commission says the bargaining clout of large-scale distributors is at the root of Spain's olive oil price plunge — not a market disturbance.
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Adviser Urges Spanish Olive Oil Industry to Make Advances

The urging came at a forum to analyze the current situation in Spain’s olive oil sector and search for new ways to make Spanish olive oil more competitive internationally.