Dcoop / Grupo Hojiblanca

Dcoop Acquires Cargill’s Share of Mercaoleo

The Spanish cooperative purchased Cargill's half of a joint venture that began in 2007, taking control of Mercaoleo's huge bottling plant.

Europe’s Olive Oil Advisory Group Debates Changes

The future of the IOC and progress in transatlantic trade talks were debated at a meeting of the European Commission’s olive oil advisory group.
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UK-Based Fund Set to Take Control of Deoleo

The board of the debt-saddled olive oil giant Deoleo has approved a take over the Madrid-based company by a private equity firm.

Hojiblanca Group Renamed Dcoop

Spain’s giant Hojiblanca Cooperative Group -- the world’s biggest producer of extra virgin olive oil -- was renamed after a merger.
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Spain Speculates on American Takeover of Deoleo

Agribusiness and food giants Cargill and Bunge are rumored to be considering a takeover of the world’s biggest olive oil distributor.

Former Rivals Create ‘Global Olive Oil Giant’

Hojiblanca - the world’s biggest virgin olive oil producer will buy a stake in Deoleo , the global olive oil market leader.
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With Rising Olive Oil Prices, Concerns of Falling Consumption

The retail prices of popular Spanish olive oil brands Carbonell and Koipe have shot up this month by as much as one euro ($1.30).