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In Greece, Volunteers Provide Olive Oil for Families in Need

Dozens of volunteers in the Athens suburb of Glyfada began harvesting olives from trees growing on public land to provide oil for local residents.

Greek Producers Weigh Prospects After Tsipras Win

Greek olive oil producers consider the upcoming harvest and the way the political and economic situation may affect their industry after the country’s latest elections.
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Third Loan Package Reluctantly Approved by Greek Parliament

Further unsettling the Greek political landscape, the Greek Parliament and the Eurogroup approved a controversial package Friday.

Gaea CEO’s Top Priority: ‘Keep Serving Our Clients Every Day’

Aris Kefalogiannis discusses his company’s continued success, the Greek economic crisis, and the urgent need for reform in Greece.
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Greece Accepts More Austerity to Avoid Chaotic Grexit

With its economy depressed and banks closed, Greece accepted more harsh austerity measures and reforms in order to begin negotiations with European institutions and the IMF for a third bailout loan, barely avoiding a Grexit.

Shuffling Austerity Proposals, Greece and Creditors Seek Agreement

Days after Greek voters rejected a proposal for austerity measures, their government submitted a similar plan. Meetings this weekend could determine whether Greece will remain in the eurozone.
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Confusion, Controversy as Referendum Nears

After the surprising announcement of a referendum on creditors’ austerity proposal, Greeks struggle with capital controls and conflicting interpretations of the meaning of a yes or no vote on Sunday.

Solace in Olive Oil as Talks Continue in Greece

As Greece and its creditors endure tense negotiations, some find hope in the relative security of olive oil.