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Olive Oil of Oman

After twenty years of trials and researches, Oman is experiencing the first successes in olive growing.

Turkish Olive Oil Aims for Asia

Turkey is one of the producing countries that have embarked on an aggressive marketing campaign in the Asian region for the promotion of its olives and olive oil.
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Council Releases Olive Oil Market Summary

The International Olive Council released today its January summary of the world olive oil market which presented data from the last few months of 2010.

In Italy, Spanish Olive Oil Prices Too Good to Pass Up

Italians are buying a lot of Spanish olive oil these days. Historically low prices have pushed Spanish exports to its trans-alpine rival up 19% according to recent data.
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Guide to Planet Olive

The modern birth of olive farming came about in Crete in 5000 B.C. and expanded to Italy roughly ten minutes later.