Olivier Baussan’s Première Pression

The entrepreneur's newest project is a chain of olive oil shops emphasizing education and transparency.

La Tête dans Les Olives

"You hear about it, you collect data but the only pertinent information is the one that your mouth will give you when you try (the oil). It erases all the past and sets the scale of values" - Cedric Casanova
Special Report

You Can’t Butter a Salad

We kept two olive oils in the restaurant which we used to enhance flavor in spicy dishes and which we poured over everything from hummus to big chunks of feta cheese or even yogurt.

The Biggest Farm in France? Take the Subway

This year's Salon International de l'Agriculture in Paris celebrated the placement of French cuisine on UNESCO's revered list of human cultural heritage.
Olive Oil Times Special

A Memorable Feast

The act of handling raw ingredients forms a connection. In the end, you’ve spent quality time with your dinner. And isn’t a bit of quality time what we really want?

Sole Searching

It was Julia Child’s first meal upon arriving in France in 1948, and the dish she later proclaimed the most exciting of her life. But the trick to Sole Meunière is keeping it simple.
Special Report

Wave of Experimentation in Paris Cuisine Elevates Olive Oil

In the new day that is beginning to shine on Parisian kitchens, young chefs are discovering what their southern cousins in Provence have long enjoyed.

Joëlle Laffitte: Notes from the Farmers Market

One of the most important lessons I've learned in this country is that when buying certain ingredients, there is a time to hold onto your money, and there is a time to let it go.