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Seggiano Suspends Olive Tree in City Wall

In Seggiano (Tuscany) you can visit a Museum where an olive tree producing the local olive oil (Olivastra saggianese variety) was installed

Traditional Olive Oil Production in Tunisia

Despite its rising place in the international ranking, Tunisian producers are still strongly tied to old traditions.
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Basilicata, Wild Olive of Southern Italy

New opportunities are coming to get to know the olive oils of Basilicata, a wild land that inspired great artists.

Rome Journal: A Peek Inside the Olive Oil Mill Next Door

Small olive oil farms dot the rolling Roman hills where the love for the craft is the main ingredient in the popular local olive oil.
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New Twist on Traditional Olive Press

A Spanish company says it has developed a “breakthrough” for the ancient olive press resulting in olive oil higher in antioxidants.

Riogordo’s Milling Honors Verdial Olive Oil

The Olearum Culture and Oil Heritage association organized recently the first edition of “The Milling of Riogordo” which recreated the traditional production of olive oil in the Ethnographic Museum of Riogordo (Málaga).
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Olive Oil Festival Continues Galician Tradition

Although a small player in the Spanish olive oil scene, every year a celebration of the little known history of olive oil in Galicia is held in the valley of Quiroga, Spain.

Olive Oil Maker Finds Inspiration in Ancient Words and Deeds

"We are inspired by Ancient Greece to produce extra virgin olive oil with no industrial process. If it means producing only a certain amount each year that is okay with me.” Constantine Scrivanos