After analyzing one thousand olive oils from 28 countries, the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition will unveil this year’s award winners at a press conference tonight.

Once again, our judging panel and support teams have done an outstanding job all week and they have done a great service to - Curtis Cord, NYIOOC President

The 5:30 PM (EDT) announcement will be streamed live via Facebook, Olive Oil Times, and on the official NYIOOC results website,….

The sold-out event will be attended by 200 olive oil producers, distributors, food industry professionals and the international media.

This is the sixth year of the competition and the largest of its kind. Eighteen experts from every olive oil-producing region make up the elite panel of judges who have been analyzing the largest international collection of olive oils every assembled to determine the cream of this year’s crop.

Curtis Cord, the founder of the NYIOOC and the publisher of Olive Oil Times said today that the proceedings over the past week have gone exactly as planned. “Our support teams and the protocols they followed have succeeded in allowing the judges to conduct their analyses in an ideal environment without distraction,” he said.

The winning olive oils are coveted by chefs, food buyers and discerning consumers everywhere who value extra virgin olive oils of the very highest quality.

Award winners will be listed in the Yearly Index of the World’s Best Olive Oils and many will be available through the Best Olive Oils Marketplace, the online portal where buyers can source the winning oils from retailers and distributors who stock them.


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